January 22nd, 2008

What should i do.....without hurting her

heres a little history before we get to the main point. First i started dating this guy and well we were together for almost 5 years. Then right after i broke up with him i started dating someone else. We were only together for a lil while before i started developing feelings my current g/f we have now been together a lil over a year. I have tried talkin to her and explaing that i just dont think i need to be with anyone i have been in a constant realationship with no break in between. I have cheated on her twice now and i hate myself for it. I told her i would never do that to her well because she has a past where a couple of other people have. Around the time i was tryin to explain to her that i just needed to b by myself we were looking at apartments and i was tryin to push for a two bedroom and well we ended up with one. The last time i cheated on her was just the other night and i feel as if i want to see other people and have my fun but i also dont want to hurt her. I love her very much and we will be living together for another 7-8 months but i dont know how to tell her that i want to see other ppl and be able to do what i want without sounding selfish. I would appreciate any advice anyone has to give.
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