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Nov. 9th, 2006 @ 08:39 pm My First Time
The story of my first time, although it does not make the hottest story....

My first sex -ever- was with my best friend as a teenager. Call him "Pete". I had been thinking about sex with guys for a long time before this, and finally decided that he might be the one to try it with. Heck, he was the only guy I would feel comfortable with asking.

We were home alone one day, and I suggested that we look at my older brother's porn stash. He was happy to do so, and we spent a long time looking through the pictures of naked girls. Then we came across a copy of Penthouse Variations. We took turns reading it to each other, and I made sure that we read one letter from a guy who got into the habit of trading blowjobs with his friend. (Yes, this was my deliberate way of broaching the subject while keeping my cover as a normal heterosexual).

That day started a long process of seduction. Over time, we each got the subtle message that the other was trying to get across - that we were interested and willing. But we were both afraid to take the final step of asking for it openly. Finally, Pete managed things one day while were were playing around with a Ouija board. "Magically" the board indicated that I was supposed to suck his cock. Well, that was it then ....the fates had decided!

I asked him to take his pants down, and he did. His cock was kinda small - only about 4 inches or so - but it was hard and ready. bent over him. My heart thudding and my veins throbbing with adrenaline. I was about to do IT. I opened my mouth, and lowered it over his uncut dick, and closed my lips around the base, then started moving up and down.

Unfortunately, neither of us knew much about what we were doing, both being virgins. I was going though the motions, but I did not really give him much stimulation. After a while, I got tired and we traded places. At first, he just put his mouth on my cock and did not move at all. I asked him to do so, but his lips were loose do again there was not much stimulation going on. In the end, after much trying, neither of us was able to get the other to cum. We finally got tired and finished ourselves off by masturbating. Not a very hot-and-horny story to start my sex life, but we got a lot better over time. We sucked a lot of loads from each other throughout high school.
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