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New Gay Fiction


First off, I'm sorry if this is a duplicate message for you. I'm sending this to a few communities.

There's a Live Journal that some members of this community may be interested in. The entries are from an unpublished Gay Fiction book. In order to get it published the story needed to be destroyed so rather than give in, I'm publishing it here for free.

The first chapter is public and further chapters are friends only. Every weekday a few pages are posted. Right now its in the beginning of chapter 3.

The journal is here losing_jason

...and here's the story synopsis

Jason and Garrett were best friends since before they could crawl. Born a few months apart to sets of parents, themselves best friends, their bond was unusually strong. Right before Jason's sixteenth birthday he was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer that wouldn't respond well to chemotherapy. Jason is given only a few months to live and he takes that time to live his entire life to the fullest, without fear, without trepidation but with a clock. Without Jason, Garrett’s world would fall apart and it does fall apart once he learns of Jason's illness. For years Jason held a secret love for Garrett and after learning of his death sentence, finally expresses that love to Garrett. Garrett also had feelings for Jason but buried them so deep he didn't realize they were there until Jason pulls them up to the surface all at once.

Though they lament that they kept their shared secret hidden for so long, Garrett and Jason make the best of the short time they have left together as friends and lovers. Garrett begins to realize that he would soon have to face the world without Jason and at the same time face the world as a homosexual. Its Jason's wish to tell his family and friends about his feelings but he promised he would wait until Garrett was ready. Garrett struggles with coming out of the closet and, as opportunities come and go, Garrett lets each pass. Jason meanwhile with a clock ticking in his head grows impatient. As Jason's illness sets in Garrett avoids coming to terms with not only the closet but Jason's illness and he does all he can to hide from all if it. Garrett avoids the inevitable pain, real and imagined all while alienating everyone around him, most of all Jason.

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