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Hey im Adam from Iowa
I like Chicks ... Mainly the same one for the last Six years .... Yeah I know .... I feal she likes me too

I Also liek guys ... I haveent done anythign with any but im not out to be a whore

Im not about telling peopel that im BI .... (i just dont talk about sex much)

i think peoepl should be with soem one for who they are not because there a differnt sex ... you should be with some one becuase you like some one

i dont really know what else i should say ....

Peace Out

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i remember my first time fooling with a guy. i dont remember when we got serious, but i do remember feeling his nipples. things went on from there, and when i mean went on, i mean we were kissing, sucking echother dick and so forth. i was about 15-16 when this happen, i remember his dick, i remember his lips, his ass, kinda gets me off.
im me
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So my boyfriend and I ended up having a great fun night with a friend of his and his wife. Of course they thought it would be fun to get me wasted and just see what happens. they convinceds me that it would be fun to have a 4 some. My boyfriend knew that i wanted to try things with a girl and was all for it. The thing is that i had fun and would love to to do it again, but not with that particular couple (they are currently going through a divorce and some other crap...). I don't even want it to be a 4 some, cuz my bf gets really jealous of any other guys and i think it would be way more fun with a cool girl, me, and him. I just have no idea about how to go about this. I have met a couple of girls i liked through friends but, they are not into girls at all. i'm just clueless...
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my first gay experence (the one i think that counts)

Hello, my name is Mia. Im a bisexual 16teen year old and loving it. Well...ever since i was younger i would realize that i found girls attractive and guys also. My female friend and i would experiment together...touching and whatnot and that solidified that i liked girls. But i dont really count it as my first gay experience. My first gay expierence is when i first kissed my girlfriend Kris, that was the first time I ever kissed a girl and i loved it. I loved it so much the way her lips felt..hell the way she kissed. I never felt that with a guy...i never did.
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My first gay experience...

It was when I was 12.
The girl, her name was Jenny, was 11.
I had invited her to a new years eve service at my dad's church. Every year they would have a Christian movie, and then sing hymns, and then eats. The movie that night was about knowing where you would go if you died tonight. Kinda lame it was, but the food and singing was fun.
Jenny, I and my dad got back home about 12:30ish. My mom and brother were already fast asleep, and my dad soon followed. So that left me and Jenny in the living room on the pull out bed...
We were sitting there whispering to each other, back and forth, when she said something startling yet funny.
"Would you know what it was like to have sex if you died tonight?"
I just stared at her, and many thoughts went through my head, some dirty.
"No." I whispered.
"Do you want to?" she whispered back.
This is where it gets interesting.
So we went in the bathroom, and explored each other's bodies.
Then we came back in the living room, naked, and did some more exploring.
And ended up having sex.
Fun stuff, huh?
Sad thing though was after that night, she avoided me to the point I never got to speak to her again. I was sad lonely and confused. Did I do something wrong? Was I not a good lover?
And the big question: Am I a lesbian?
And i had to deal with all this at the tender age of 12.
So that's my story, hope you liked it.
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You know guys, sometimes I look up at the stars and I think about that first time I kissed a boy and I think, "Man, i'd love to just cuddle with some cute boys." I do. I honestly think about things like that and tears swell up in my eyes, because that one special little boy slipped away back in high school. I just wish I hadn't kissed him at the big football gayme. Any cute boys want to date me? EMAIL ME OR COMMENT! THANKS CUTIES!

Question answer thingy.

Glad I checked up on things today....-^^-;;;

What is it about men/women/the same sex/whatever that fascinates you?

Women have always held my interest. It's hard for me to take a stab at why. Women are softer than men. Women tend to hold far more intimate relationships. Flirting is more of a game and there's less to lose, from my perspective. I have girl friends I flirt with almost constantly. One of them is an ex, and we still cuddle most of lunch period. I also love curves. Drawing them, touching them, observing them. Mannerisms. All of that sociological stuff. And, as a female, I suppose there's always that access to the world of femininity.

...that's what does it for me, anyways. -^^-;;
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Lost & Delirious

Hello again, kittens!

Pardon my neglect! I've been away.

We had a Question of the Week from the end of August, which I just saw. Here it is, made public, for anyone to answer. (Anonymously, if you wish.)
"If you've had a first experience with someone of the same sex, what was it like? Give us all the details, feelings, etc. that you want to share."

And for those that already gave thought to that one, here's one for this week!

What is it about men/women/the same sex/whatever that fascinates you? That presumes, of course, that you are fascinated by a gender or by a particular member of that gender, of course. Alter the question as desired to suit you.

My answer:

I'm a pretty sexual person, at least lately. When I was pretty young, I'd had little experience with guys OR girls, and my female friend and I got drunk. She was very... voluptuous... and I'd always looked at her. That is, all my life that I could remember, I've been looking at other women and thinking about how beautiful they are, and how beautiful they'd be naked, and how soft their skin is... I don't know if that makes me "bisexual" (I really don't believe that term describes something that exists, as I don't really believe in sexual preferences the way they're described now, but that's a totally different topic) or just appreciative of sensual beauty, but that's how I've seen people (men and women alike, though prevailingly women - it's easier for me to find a woman beautiful and aesthetically alluring than a man.

Anyway, to incorporate my answer to that first question into this one, my friend and I started making out, being really horny. I wanted to touch her and have my hands all over her body, so we ran into my bedroom and locked the door. She had these amazing breasts, and her skin was soft and perfect, and she was chubby (or, dare I say, fat) and I just couldn't get enough of it. It wasn't that the sex was that good or anything. I just really liked watching her.

Okay, your turn. :)
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Hallo, boys and girls. It looked like a good comm and such, so I thought I'd join up and add my two cents.

I would be Terri, from the doldrums of South Carolina, 16 and most definitely bi. I adore people of all sorts, especially the charmed, charming, and amusing. I would like to say I'm happily attached to someone, but that's not so. Hoping to change that soon, if he can get his act together. I've always been a lover of both sexes, but it's not the easiest thing to find similarly interested people in SC. That's why the internet exists, to talk about this kind of stuff.

Not much of an intro post, but it'll have to do. (I've never been good at intros....>.<)
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