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It's healthy, don't worry. :)

First Gay Experience (Questions and Comments)
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Hi and welcome! This community is maintained by sexdiaries. Direct all questions to me.
What this is
As you might've guessed, this is a community for:
- bi/gay-curious individuals to ask questions about gay sex (Or not sex! You might have questions about how to even approach a member of the appropriate sex and that's okay, too. Don't be scared off! Nothing's embarassing here. =P),

- anybody (whether you just kissed someone of the same sex once, or you've known you were gaygaygay for ages and have been with half the population of England) to share any (gay, or maybe if you're gay and you wish to share a straight experience, or anything like that, that's cool too... or, hell, if you're straight and you just want to write something about a sexual experience you had that you think might help somebody with little experience, regardless of your/their sexual preference, I won't be against it) experience they've had. Preferably first experience, or one of the first, to help out somebody who wishes to explore such things, but if you just had this hot date yesterday, go right ahead. :)

- Even if there's some guy (or girl) at school/work/wherever who's really cute but you're afraid he/she might not be gay, or interested in you (this MOSTLY just applies if you're interested in someone of the same gender - sorry, I just don't want this community to have NO direction at all), feel free to rant and rave here. Maybe someone will give you some tips.

- people to meet. You can arrange personal meetings if you like, but that is YOUR choice, and if it doesn't work out, it's not my fault, and you're meeting at your own risk. Therefore, if you meet someone here who sounds like fun, IM them or whatever. Just remember it's your own business if your meeting sucks. Post the results here if you like. :)

- You might just want to meet someone on the internet, to chat, ask questions, have cybersex with... whatever. That's cool too. As the community grows, we'll see what else we'd like to do.

(PS) There was a post of some beautiful poetry here from a member. That kind of stuff is good, too.

Lame housekeeping stuff
I don't want this community to have lots of rules, but I'll put them up if I notice it to be necessary. The only one for now that seems remotely important is this. Please remember that your views don't necessarily coincide with anybody else's. If some sort of flame war errupts here, I'll allow it to go on until it bores me. Then the intolerant person (the more intolerant you are, the quicker I'll get bored) will be banned and removed from this community. Make your posts are friends only if you're embarassed or would like more privacy. If you want extra privacy, you can comment on my personal journal (if you ignore the horniness of it for the time being). I can post your information for you, so your community post won't be associated with your screenname, if you like.

If you've got questions I haven't addressed, leave a comment on my journal or on my first post here and I'll answer them as best I can. Cheers!